Tickets for the Okinawan Movie Premier can be found at

OARS-WS has teamed up with Austin Okinawa Tomonokia to present this movie premier after a live performance. All proceeds will go to the Shuri Castle Fund Raising project.

News of our Grand Opening.

Come visit our Grand Opening

12/02/17 – 12/03/17


We now have an asphalt drive that will accommodate two way traffic  that leads to a paved parking. We are now able to concentrate on the building for training 0f various arts and showing exhibits.

The new 2016 Uchinanchu Festival book has been mailed out.

The new Karate Kaikan opened on Sanshin day, March 4, 2017.

Happy New Year 2017

The Chinese New Year (Year of the Rooster)  starts January 28th.

This is from our framed embroidered art piece (33.5″ X 27″) donated by Kazuko Murphy

After getting back from Okinawa, we closed the deal on our new location. 18400 F M 1431 Jonestown, TX. 78641 is our new home. We have some cleaning up to do (as you can see from the brush growing in the fire pit) but it has all the possibilities already in place.


The welcoming greeting from the city of Urasoe included gifts, bus tours to important sites throughout Urasoe, lunch fit for a king, tours of more historic sites and museums, and finished off with a feast and entertainment.

This is the feast and entertainment provided by the city of Urasoe after a fun filled day of history and culture.  This does not really show everything that was provided or how entertaining it truely was.

Part of the entertainment.

More of the entertainment.

At the closing ceremony of the festival in Naha.

We got passes through the Austin Okinawa Tomonokai and will be on our way soon. Three weeks of friends, arts,  history, & culture.


This is 22LBS. of solid steel geta, a gift from Matt Hudgins who is a wonder in metal and wood work. He is a journalist, a craftsman, and an artist. I placed the copper braided straps as they won’t wear so easily and are more stable in holding the weight tight on different kicks. The flat braid lies comfortably on the feet without digging in but leather can be wrapped around them for beginners. The straps are easily adjustable at toes and heels for size.

This rather large doll set, approximately 30″ to the top of the case, is unique not just in its size but also the culture it represents, Okinawa. This was a gift from the President of the Austin Okinawa Tomonokai. Okinawa doll set

One way to tell if they are Okinawan dolls is the sanshin (three string snake skinned lute) the lady is holding as well as the bingata attire she is wearing under her kimono.bingata

Another sign of the Okinawan culture is the top knots and jiifaa (hair pins) for both female and male.