Seikichi Toguchi – To honor him, we strive to improve our self daily.

We train Monday through Thursday from 6 PM – 9 PM. We bow in at 7 PM. If you are not bowing in, you may wait outside or in the display room or study. Friday – Sunday are by appointment only.

There is also a family class available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 – 5:30.

Sunday morning at 9 AM is for Bible Bunkai (Call first).



Dr. Mottern and Dr Stecher like to train early Saturday mornings and invite me to join them.  I like the early morning training as it gives me plenty of time for the rest of the day for other things.



From our 1st mochibun seminar, we went from understanding your kata to what it takes to take care of yourself from training or the damage caused from interaction. This was a deeper understanding than most people were aware of. If I tell you, you need to stay hydrated, most people say “I know.” But if they see what dehydration does to fascia throughout their body, I think they have a better understanding. The same goes with bruising of their body, how their connective tissue works and what is needed to make it all work properly. It should be noted that no part of this deer was wasted. Every part of it was used and explained how and why it was used for food for another animal or consumption.



From our 1st event with our Shorei-kai group at the Waterpoints dojo.


Some senior members at the Nakano Dojo.



It is nice to know we are affiliated with a group that does not have a singular person that promotes individuals, but still makes them take an examination in front of a board for voting. This assures proper entitlement.



This was our 1st event in the new dojo. Dr. Ron Mottern taught  a Haedong Kumdo form and then sponsored a Kimchi Party.



Tonight’s training was stripping bamboo to make a tou or taketaba. What I learned from breaking off all the branches was to move extremely fast and concentrate on the joints. If I did not do this it was muscle against fiber an those little fibers won.  By moving fast and attacking the joints, I was easily able to snap them. I wonder what else I’ll figure out about tonight other than I need muscle relief.



Coming from  of Japan, we received our kanbun for our new dojo from Vic Hargitt Shihan. This  was written by Kozaburo Ito Shihan.



Two days after the Guinness World Record breaking event, we were at the Naha Prefectural Budokan representing Shorei-Kai.

We were happy to open the demonstration portion at the event after the initial kata performance of Fukyu Kata Ichi.



This is a clip from our participation in the Guinness World Record performance . It starts out with a group of Kuba Sensei’s students who were kind enough to ask me to join them in the attempt and in the demonstration event after breaking the record as we come from the same lineage of Master Toguchi. I was there representing Shorei-Kai and our kata performance of Gekiha dai ni and Seiunchin were identical as the guys from Hungary, Okinawa, and other the other European countries.



http://shoreikankarate.com/en/%E6%B2%BF%E9%9D%A9/) will provide a basic history of the art of Shorei-kan that we teach. After training for well over a decade with Austin Okinawan Karate  http://austintexaskarate.com/ & with their assistance and the recommendation of Vic Hargitt https://www.shorei-kancanada.ca/, our instructors certificate was provided by the board members of Shorei-Kai after testing at the Nakano dojo.