We are fortunate to have many people and groups work with us.  The following are gifts donated to OARS-WS. These people deserve and have our greatest appreciation.


This is a cup that was a gift we received from Bonnie Miyashiro upon our visit to the Hawaii Okinawa Center.




It is hard to see the dimensions in this large piece. It was made by a lady who was 90 years old at the time and was a gift from Kazuko Murphy during the year of the horse.

Horse year



These are brass tipped Chizi Kun Bo, known as a type of a fist load weapon. Known in Okinawa it is similar to the yawara but has the rope looped in the middle which allows it to be held in place for more uses. This was a gift from Nathan Davis.

Chize Kun Bo



We received this pair of lacquer-ware geta and two bingata paintings from Kumi Miyagi Turner which helped us round out our collections in these areas.


Leaves Ship



We received  this Okinawan doll dressed for Hamachidori from Yoshiko Wakuta Beckman. This is a vintage piece standing approximately 22″ tall.